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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on . They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Forum Rules

    1. Be Respectful
      The Starr Mazer community is set in our world, millions of years in the future. There is no discrimination, classism, nothing. We are all humans in this crazy universe. Does this mean we have to agree? NO! But do so in a civilized manner. #
    2. Moderation or you will be Moderated
      Are you starting a Twitch stream about Starr Mazer? Cool! Post about it. Do NOT post across all boards! Relax. #
    3. Don't Flood, Double Post or Quote Enormous Amount of Text
      Depending on the forum or thread, writing a tiny post with a few words, a picture, or even just a smiley won't hurt but flooding will not be tolerated.
      Try to not to double post; if you want to add something you forgot or else, just edit your previous post.
      At least if its size can't be reduced, just using the button will do the trick, otherwise your post will be moderated. #
    4. Stick to the Forum Topic
      In a forum about Maximum Starr Wolf Velocity, talk about thrusters and other cool stuff. Don't talk about your grand dad's experience with the Amazon app. . #
    5. Respect The Staff
      If you feel penalized in any way by a moderator's action over your thread/post, just contact them directly or any other moderators.
      We're not monsters!! We can discuss things together. #
    6. Posting Explicit Content
      The Starr Mazer forums are for everyone! Please do NOT post excessively violent/sexual/mature content/links. Doing so will result in post deletions, warnings and even bans. #
    7. Personal Information
      Please do not post personal information ie phone numbers, addresses in the forums. If you do need to exchange personal info, please use the Private Message function.
      Public Username/profiles like Gamertags are not considered personal information. #
    8. Reporting Posts
      See a problematic post? Use the Report This Post button! The mods will be notified. #
    9. Posting Images and Videos
      You can post images or videos on the forums, with the and buttons.
      You can even use if you want to resize directly on your post an image.
      If you really need to post a certain amount of them, use the button for each little group you want to show.
      It will let them load whenever you use and close with , offering a more flexible and enjoyable way of reading/viewing.
      Excessive posting will result in moderation. #
    10. Signature Size
      Too keep the forums tight and not bloated by large signatures the size of your signature may not exceed 120 pixels tall and 1660 pixels wide. #
    11. Piracy and Emulation

      Emulation is big in retro games keeping old classic games "alive" etc. It is great to discuss your favorite classic games but we will NOT tolerate any links/posts about how to obtain illegal ROMs, ISOs, Bios, etc. #
    12. Don't talk about SPACE TIME!
      Or Don Thacker will personally go to your home, strip you naked, and torture you till the end of time by just shouting at you, reaaaaaaally hard.
      You don't want that.
      Nobody wants that.
      (*Moderators will not be held responsible of this death by shouts.) #