Starr Mazer TV is live now!

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Starr Mazer TV is live now!

Postby laserkid » Tue Jun 23, 2015 3:31 pm

Just figured in case someones checking the awesome forum and may lose track of time we should let people know when starr mazer TV goes live.

So yeah, it's live now @ if you're not there, join us!
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Re: Starr Mazer TV is live now!

Postby Serbirus » Tue Jun 23, 2015 5:05 pm

And for anyone who missed it, allow me to shed some light on SMTV.

SMTV (Or Starr Mazer TV.) is a weekly stream that Don Thacker, (Creator) Vanessa Williams, (Writer) and Kazuo Mayeda (Ninja) do in which they talk about everything Starr Mazer! The schedule is as follows: Tuesday 3PM PST in Lore Mazer, where Don tells you awesome facts and upcoming things Starr Mazer. Thursday 3PM PST has a set amount of streams that loop. Starr Mazer VS, where Kazuo Mayeda plays with the Mazers, Starr Mazer.make, where Austom Montville (Programmer) shows you what he's been programming in Starr Mazer. Starr Jamz, where Alex Mauer (Musician) makes some sweet beats for the Mazers. And finally Draw Mazer, where Maximo V. Lorenzo (Artist) draws and doodles for you enjoyment! Then there's Saturday 3PM PST, where it's Starr Mazer Plays! Where the whole SMTV crew play a whole bunch of upcoming indie or full retail games! The streams are usually 2 hours for Tuesday and Thursday, but Saturday usually goes a couple hours longer. There's always plenty of giveaways and contests that anybody can enter to win a bunch of goodies and loot, and you can always ask the nice chat and/or the SMTV crew a question! So what are you waiting for? Follow Starr Mazer's official Twitch at and be sure to tune in whenever you can!

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