Favorite game at E3?

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Re: Favorite game at E3?

Postby Ezraen » Tue Jul 07, 2015 7:50 pm

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Re: Favorite game at E3?

Postby Kazuo » Wed Jul 08, 2015 11:45 am

I agree with Ezraen and Trypetide. It is great to have your own opinion, likes, dislikes but not knock it just because it isn't your cup of tea. It's like when you own just a PS3 and the fanboys on either side yell about how their system is the best. Truth is, I enjoy Halo, MGS, and games that come out on both. I enjoy the Xbox, WiiU, and PS. I just choose not to invest $1000's into gaming consoles so I'll buy just one.
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Re: Favorite game at E3?

Postby Trypetide » Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:01 pm

I love video games. Period =3

But that doesn't mean a game will be good because many love it.
That's also something you see less these day, even more on popular franchise.
Of course I don't count any subjective preferences, only objective/technical aspect of a game.
Like letting people know that there is a way to have a more efficient UI or Inventory, having a better visual quality in 720p than in 1080p because of badly used anti-aliasing technique or else.
Why 60 FPS is a real pleasure to the eyes, even for people that think they "don't see the difference", and why it's technically more efficient on LCD screens with latency. (Playing an old Sonic game, or any "speedy" game is less/not enjoyable because of that).
Not that it should be obligatory; if a more cinematic feel is wanted by the creator. But again, ii the game does "too much" on the cinematic department, by adding blur, too much grain, etc... it's not that great.
And why making these long cut scenes when just a few with more character control can do the same if not with a better immersion.
Or why absolutely use voices when it's not adding much.
Or too much/few musics or ambients...
And so on...

I like to tell "why" I love a game, be it on the opinion or technical side. Mixing the two is also a good way to let others know why it works for you and how they can relate to that.

Like everything in fact.

That's why people saying "no" aren't my enemies, if only they can express themselves by using their opinions, facts, and a blending of the two as coating.

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