Welcome to The Great War.

The UNFP's been kicked in the teeth by a G'ell invasion force and humanity's last hope is its fleet of experimental DSP MkI Forward Assault Fighters and anyone marshall enough to strap in and forcefully accept some apologies.

Luckily this planet's full of all kinds of crazy just begging to take a shot.


What's DSP?

Starr Mazer: DSP is a pixel-pretty roguelike horizontal scrolling shooter with an arcade sensibility and a focus on satisfying progression.

Squadron IGNITE!

Control tons of procedurally generated DSP MkI pilots, each with his/her own ship, skills and weapon loadouts.

Fight your way through 9 massive levels, from a ravaged city to the heart of a leviathan G'ell mothership.

Earn SK:ORE to unlock special characters to join your fleet in your fight to save humanity.

Defeat the G'ell to advance humanity into a future that leads to Brick M. Stonewood and Starr Mazer!

Starr Mazer: DSP is now available on Steam Early Access!

DSP at PAX East 2016


Enlist a unique group of pilots

Hundreds of procedurally generated pilots.

Blast through waves of G'ell!

Procedurally generated enemy flight patterns.

Fight until you detonate

Death is just another opportunity to get more pilots!

Choose your pilot booster pack

Unlock progressivly better pilots to amp up your game.


"Starr Mazer: DSP was easily the highlight of my GDC!"

- Destructoid

"I died a lot in Starr Mazer: DSP, but I wanted to jump right back in!"

- PC Gamer

"A great, stylistic, well refined SHMUP!"

- The Zero Review

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