One hundred and thirty years after THE GREAT WAR the galaxy is a goddamned mess.

The core systems are scorched and broken and the world beyond the BARATHA DIVIDE, a vast and treacherous expanse of nothing, is an alien mystery.

Brick M. Stonewood (the “M” stands for “Metal”) is a remnant of an older time. A time where men were men and truth spilled at 60km/s from the barrel of a gun.

Found by ingot miners in sleep-lock, drifting in a LOKATT MKII DSP eject pod and revived at the Holloway-Exeter Station, Brick is a man driven to unlock the secrets of his past and the strange mysteries that lie just beyond the Divide;

a specialist with a ceramic alloy steed, the Starr Wolf, and a fate to make among the stars.

The Holloway-Exeter is a frontier town packed into spinning ringed cylinder orbiting the fourth moon of the third planet of a dying star; a great place for a mercenary pilot like Brick to find himself at the pointy end of some clatter and sin.

Then there’s the girl. There’s always a girl.