Don Thacker

Designer / Writer / Director @skinnytie

Dormant for a hundred thousand lifetimes after first being deposited by way of explosively fractionated meteoroid, Don Thacker emerged from the Earth's asthenosphere a viscous blob of mutable polysilicate some time in the late 1970s.

In his time among you he has become an award-winning feature film writer/director [Imagos Films] and a designer/developer of video games [Pixeljam, XGen Studios, Robot Loves Kitty, Rocketcat Games, TOO DX]. He also builds autonomous robots, collects game consoles and plans to one day return to the icy depths of non-local space.

Auston Montville

Game Developer @piidx

Auston is a game development machine. For 7 years (15 if you count Starcraft maps) he's been making games both single-handedly and with small teams.

The details matter to him and he ceaselessly iterates until each moment of the game feels better than the last.

As the designer, programmer, and artist of Sportsball, along with over a dozen other finished games, Auston knows how to ship an experience you'll remember for years.

He's also a total dork who loves flashy anime, future bass, and french fries.

Maximo V. Lorenzo

Lead Artist @MaximoLorenzo

Is he man or monster?! Maximo V. Lorenzo steps out of the wild and into the laser light show of Starr Mazer’s battle zone to prove his move! Maximo has hefty experience laying down savage strikes of his pen to visually bring life to characters and worlds within comics ( Ghostbusters, Domokun, Popgun, One Hit Knockout ) and games ( Enter The Gungeon, Pixel Noir ). He’ll be leading the charge as art director of Starr Mazer with his rowdy gang of freelance fighters to add every punch and blast Starr Mazer deserves!

Miles Tilmann

Programmer @milestilmann

Miles Tilmann has been designing, producing and coding games for the last 9 years as Commander of Robots at Pixeljam. He has shipped over 20 titles including the prehistoric racer DINO RUN, shmup / cartoon hybrid GLORKIAN WARRIOR and surreal platformer POTATOMAN SEEKS THE TROOF.

His specialty is 8 / 16 bit retro-styled arcade action, with a strong interest in anything procedurally generated, geometric or bullet-hell-related.

Vanessa Williams

Writer / Story Editor @filmette

Vanessa Williams is an award-winning writer and film director with a passion for writing Science Fiction. Her genre films have played at festivals across the US, Europe and Australia, gaining her the attention of the Science-Fiction and Fantasy community. In addition to personal projects, Vanessa has written for network television. Currently Vanessa works for Imagos Films as Creative Partner, where she has assisted on commercial and feature film scripts.

On Starr Mazer Vanessa will act as co-writer, script editor, and ray-gun tester.

Kazuo Mayeda

Social Media / Behind the Scenes @KazuoMayeda

Kazuo is the inside man. Dual wielding cameras, he is actively trying to blow the lid off Starr Mazer by creating and posting all sorts of behind the scenes footage for the world to see. You will rarely see him but like a ninja he’s always there!

Get ready for content overload as Kazuo fires up his camera and unleashes a storm of shutter action!